Stack, Debi

Partner | Watson Consulting at IBM

Stack, Debi

Debi Stack is a Consulting Partner at IBM, leading the cognitive practice for media & entertainment clients.

Debi blogs about establishing consumer trust and personal privacy with artificial intelligence and blockchain. She consults with Media and marketing firms to develop content curation, audience insights and digital agents using IBM Watson. She is known on social media as the Watson Whisperer, one who speaks softly and carries a big corpus.

Debi leads an IBM women's group who share the belief that cognitive diversity will make the world a wonderful place and companies that embrace not only gender, age and cultural diversity but also diversity of thought will be rewarded with customer loyalty and higher profitability.

Debi has led emerging technology transformations throughout her 30 year career in telecommunications, media & technology. She follows the strategy of the dolphin, eager to catch the next wave according to a quote by Dudley Lynch: "Your adaptability to change, your search for the elegant solution to every kind of problem, your desire to work with the system and with others toward a common end, defines and shapes your perspective."

Debi founded two start-ups: an enterprise mobile app consultancy and a digital marketing agency. She holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Baylor University.