Is Technology Actually Solving Interference for the Broadcaster?

Wed. April 26| 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | N255

Almost everyone watching TV in the World is dependent upon satellite services either directly or indirectly for the channels they watch be they domestic or international. Satellite interference has been a hot topic for satellite broadcasters over recent years. Sectors across the industry are working on technologies to counter interference, many of which are available for use now. There have also been a number of industry-wide initiatives. But what effect is this having? What is currently available to the Broadcaster? The panel will be moderated by the Executive Director of the Satellite Interference Reduction Group and gather real-life examples from technology providers, satellite operators, and broadcasters making future broadcast products and services truly robust.

Program: Satellite Technologies

Key Topic: Satellite Global Distribution Strategies, Satellite Ultra HD 4K, 8K and Beyond

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Martin Coleman
Executive Director
The Satellite Interference Reduction Group


Michael Downey
Co-founder and CTO
Glowlink Communications Technology, Inc.
Roger Franklin
President and CEO
Nigel Fry
Head of Distribution
BBC World Service Group
Bob Potter
SAT Corporation, a Kratos Company