Layered Security for Ultra HD in a Connected World

Mon. April 24| 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | N260

The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) was first conceived as a way of protecting valuable data assets and code in all categories during transmission, execution and local storage, yet its development continues to be shaped by the changing pay-TV landscape, with UHD services raising the stakes even further. The TEE has become the defacto standard for the software component of overall video security, but more strides need to be made for it to provide complete protection for premium content across connected devices. By extending it beyond the DRM core and incorporating watermarking capabilities, it can become an effective weapon against piracy on a global scale. The focus of this paper is to provide a solid understanding of the complex nature of maintaining UHD security across multiple networks and devices. It will explain how TEE, along with new critical video extensions, can be used to simplify this complexity for service providers while ensuring the highest levels of security and the best consumer experience.

Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (All)

Key Topic: UHD/HDR/4K Adoption

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Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Topic(s): NextGen TV


Petr Peterka

Session Chair

Theodore Stoner
VP Distribution Technology Strategy
Univision Communications Inc