How You Capture It: Will Lightfield Change the Way of Content Production?

Sat. April 22| 12:40 PM - 1:35 PM | S222-S223

Light Field imaging allows for computing of real-live captured content in the same way as CGI. Relighting, Zoom with parallax or variations of viewpoints - all without reshooting - are only some of the achievable effects. Even more important is the real 3D positioning of objects in virtual space, which allows a seamless combination of real world objects with computer modelled worlds.

In this session, we'll learn what methods for capturing and processing of light fields exists, what are the hurdles and what different transition options to other representation formats like point cloud and meshes are possible. We'll explore the technology of light field cameras and processing by some of the top experts in this fascinating new field.

Program: Future of Cinema

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Siegfried Foessel
Moving Picture Technologies Head
Fraunhofer Institute


Jon Karafin
Light Field Lab Inc
Al Lopez
Stargate Studios
Jules Urbach
Founder & CEO