On the Verge: How Innovation Threatens the Future of Broadcast

Sat. April 22| 3:20 PM - 3:55 PM | N262-N264

UHD, EDR, HDR, HFR, WCG, 8K… As the alphabet soup keeps getting thicker, it may be less clear which technological innovations will have the biggest impact on the future of broadcast. The dominance of on-demand viewing and the frequent advances in display technologies have shifted the balance of power from distributors to consumers. Traditional broadcast and cable companies are now in a race against OTT distributors such as Netflix and Amazon, who already have a clear lead on harnessing innovation to win more and more of viewers' time. Ultimately, the "winning" innovations are being chosen by a new generation of content creators, those redefining media to cross platforms freely and eschew the conventions of format and distribution that have defined our past.

Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (All)

Key Topic: ATSC 3.0, Digital Strategies, Emerging Business Models, Multiplatform Content Consumption & Distribution

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Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Topic(s): New Broadcast Skill Sets - Ennes/SBE & PBS


Michael Cioni
SVP of Innovation
Panavision & Light Iron

Session Chair

Fred Baumgartner
TV Product Manager
Tom Mikkelsen
Senior Account Executive
National TeleConsultants