Single Frequency Networks (SFN) to Increase the Efficiency of ATSC 3.0’s Broadcast Infrastructure

Sun. April 23| 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM | N260

The resistance of the C-OFDM to the echoes characterizing terrestrial transmissions, prompted the broadcasters to improve the efficiency of their broadcast infrastructure by using multiple transmitters - being each a perfect, but artificial, echo of each other - to operate single-frequency network (SFN) broadcast. Our contribution to the NAB's conference will present the fundamentals of the C-OFDM and the ATSC3.0 calculator (designed by the author) to illustrate the opportunities provided by the SFN to increase the efficiency of the ATSC3.0 broadcast infrastructures.

Program: Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (All)

Key Topic: ATSC 3.0

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Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Topic(s): ATSC 3.0


Gerard Faria

Session Chair

Wayne Kube
Kube Broadcast Consulting, Inc