Ghost in the Shell: Creating a Parallel Cyber Future

Mon. April 24| 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM | S220

"Ghost in the Shell" is a sci-fi thriller about cyber-enhanced soldier, Major (Scarlett Johansson), her battles against hacker terrorists and her hunt for her stolen identity and its perpetrators. Combining artistry with cutting edge innovation, the filmmakers used light, movement, composition, visual effects, three-dimensionality and color to build the movie's near-future, computer dominated universe. They designed unique tools and systems, including an original, anime inspired 28-color palette; custom LED lights; a video-photogrammetry rig for 3D video inserts; and a DCI P3 workflow from camera through color finishing and deliverables. See clips and hear stories about the making of this visually groundbreaking motion picture based on the original Japanese manga.

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Program: Creative Master Series

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David Geffner
Executive Editor
ICG Magazine


John Dykstra, ASC
Visual Effects Designer
Jess Hall, BSC
Director of Photography
Michael Hatzer
Senior Supervising Digital Colorist
Wagman, Justin
Justin Wagman
Post Production Supervisor