The Science Behind the Sound: How to Select Loudspeakers and Headphones for Broadcast and Production
Presented by Harman Professional Solutions

Tue. April 25| 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | N234-236

Since 1985, significant research has focused on listeners' ratings and preferences of loudspeakers based on sound quality. The same standard used to measure end-user preference can be adopted for professional and broadcast monitors, ensuring 100% compatibility between the monitors used for production and reproduction of audio content. In this way, consumers would finally hear what the artist or broadcast producer intended. In the past five years, similar research has evaluated headphone sound quality. The commonality between the headphone and loudspeaker target curve means that broadcast engineers and producers can either use loudspeakers or headphones to evaluate audio content and come to similar conclusions. In this presentation, Sean will summarize the current best practices for measuring the sound quality of loudspeakers and headphones based on recent scientific research. Attend this session to learn the science behind sound quality, so that you can select loudspeakers and headphones that will bring your productions to life.

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Sean Olive
Acoustic Research Fellow