How They See It: Do Consumers Really Care About Artistic Intent?

Sat. April 22| 4:10 PM - 5:00 PM | S222-S223

A journalistic query was recently posed to an industry colleague: do consumers care about artistic intent? That reporter said a mouthful. This, of course, begs further questions: are we, as an industry, giving the consumer reason to? Should they? And if not, what, exactly are we doing here? During this session, industry professionals will delve deeper into this provocative question, exploring why we do what we do at all.

Program: Future of Cinema

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Patrick Griffis
SMPTE Executive Vice President
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.


Sharon Calahan
Director of Photography/Lighting
Pixar Animation Studios
Colin Dixon
Founder & Chief Analyst
Dominic Glynn
Senior Scientist
Pixar Animations Studios
David Mercer
Vice President & Principal Analyst
Strategy Analytics
Neil Robinson
Director, Technology Partnerships
LG Electronics Inc.