Next Generation Image Making – Taking Content Creation to New Places

Tue. April 25| 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM | S222-S223

Machine intelligence, light field, volumetric capture, computational photography and real-time rendering have the potential to transform image making for all forms of content. Already, they are contributing to the blurring lines between live action and computer-generated imaging, and between what takes place in preproduction, production and post. What is science behind these new technologies and how do they work? What are their current limitations and promise? Who is actually using them now, and for what kinds of projects? How might they alter not only how we create images for scripts, but also the foundation of image authorship? Glimpse what NAB's Central and South Hall could look like in a five to ten years…

Program: Super Sessions - Technology

Key Topic: Live Media/Media Technologies, Signature Sessions

Registration Package: Conference Flex Pass or Session Pass, Post|Production World


Michael Chambliss
Technologist and Business Representative
International Cinematographers Guild


Jon Karafin
Light Field Lab Inc
Gavin Miller
Head of Adobe Research
Andrew Shulkind
Director of Photography, Technologist
Steve Sullivan
General Manager, Holographic Imaging