Audience Responsive Advertising Technologies
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Tue. April 25| 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM | Advanced Advertising Theater

The merger of non-linear digital TV and big data has dramatically affected the ability to target advertising more precisely to comply with a Brands marketing requirements. Linear television advertising was primarily based on statistical references and analysis. In fact you can be spending advertising money to reach a household that is outside of the statistical mean and never know if the television was off or on at the time the Ad ran. Non-Linear TV that utilizes a digital transmission media such as the internet, along with the use of big data, has led to the ability reach a household or a particular subscriber of the broadcast service. We have jumped from household targeting to subscriber targeting. Reporting has become much more advanced giving instant feedback about the run of the Ad or the content being viewed. But what happens when a subscriber views content in a group or may not even be present to view the content at the time we are tracking the Ad reach. We will take an educational approach to look at the various means by which TV advertisement can measure just who is watching in a group of subscribers or if someone is even viewing the broadcast. We will take a look at a prototype demo that determines the audience mix and can self-adjust ads based on Child protection requirements or group viewing. Welcome to the next level of Ad targeting granularity.

Level: Advanced Advertising Pavilion

Key Topic: Advertising Technologies

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