Nemal Electronics Intl. Inc.

12240 NE 14th Avenue
Miami, FL 33161
P: 305-899-0900

Central Hall - C2541

About Nemal Electronics Intl. Inc.

Nemal Electronics is a fully integrated US manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of fiber optic, copper, and hybrid electronic cable, connectors, cable assemblies, panels, and reeler systems for HD broadcast, RF, data, and electronic control. Our HDTV cable line includes 7 types of SMPTE 311 fiber camera cable, digital audio, triax, HD/SDI video and RF cables, microphone cables, and our patented DT-12 connectors. Nemal designs and manufactures custom ENG fiber/copper cables using proprietary jacketing materials suitable for use in harsh environments. Our HDTV fiber optic products include tactical multi-fiber assemblies, patch cables, and OpticalCon adapters. Nemal’s FOCC24 series SMPTE 311 HDTV Camera Cable is approved by Lemo, Neutrik, and all of the major camera manufacturers, and includes constructions for flexible studio use, rugged outdoor use, fixed installation with either single or multiple cameras (Stadium), as well as an ultra flexible miniature version.

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