BB&S Lighting

PO Box 1776
Venice, CA 90294
P: 310-491-6259

Central Hall - C10845

About BB&S Lighting

BB&S is a leading LED lighting manufacturer in the entertainment lighting industry. The Copenhagen-based company specifies, develops, produces and markets high-end LED lighting for video, television broadcast studios, motion picture and live performance. BB&S is the pioneering developer of the Area 48 SOFT LED light, and new Pipeline Remote Phosphor lighting systems. The DoPchoice lineup of Snapbags, Snapgrids and Butterfly grids will be in the booth.

Exhibitor Categories (4)
  1. Acquisition & Production > Lighting and Grip
  2. Acquisition & Production > Mobile/Vehicle Production
  3. Acquisition & Production > Motion Picture/Film Production
  4. Acquisition & Production > Set Design/Props/Furniture and Fixtures