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About Bluefish444

Bluefish444 is a manufacturer, developer and marketer of the industry’s highest quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI & ASI video I/O cards and Mini Converters for the professional video industry. Bluefish444 is considered the Professionals’ Choice for video I/O by the quality, stability, and features of our products and the support backing them. At the heart of Bluefish444’s SDI I/O technology is a proprietarily developed 12-bit video processing engine continuously developed over a decade and consecutively deployed in each generation of new design to ensure the highest quality acquisition, preview and mastering of SDI video. With an extensively developed SDK, the Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ and the Epoch | 4K Neutron have become a staple in 4K workflows globally. Bluefish444 bundle IngeSTore software with every video card allowing ingest of multiple HD/SD-SDI channels to uncompressed or Avid DNxHD media. Bluefish444 video cards support industry-standard applications from Adobe, Avid, Assimilate and many others, used to create award-winning feature films, commercials, music videos and live events, worldwide. Bluefish444 also has a range of Synapse Mini Converters to allow conversions between HDMI, SDI and analogue video and audio, to complement the large range of high-quality and cost-effective video cards.
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